baby swiss cheese
We’re all familiar with American Swiss cheese. We put it on Reubens, ham sandwiches, and all sorts of things. But there’s a special type of American Swiss cheese, called baby Swiss cheese that may be more delicious. This week I’m trying a baby Swiss from Weyauwega Star Dairy in Weyauwega, […]

Baby Swiss Cheese Review – Cheese a Week #2

how to make pickled brussels sprouts recipe
Anyone who is a fan of pickled and fermented foods will love this pickled Brussels sprouts recipe. Nicknamed “sauersprouts,” they are acidic, mildly spicy, and complex in flavor. Ingredients Produce 1 lb Brussels sprouts ½ cup thinly sliced sweet onion Spices 2.5 tablespoons pickling salt 1 dried chile pepper (I […]

Pickled Brussels Sprouts Recipe – Fermented in 3 Weeks

how to make queso blanco cheese - recipe
Queso Blanco is an easy to make, fresh, mild, crumbly Mexican cheese. It’s great on salads, chili and Mexican dishes. It doesn’t melt well so it works well on hot foods when you want the cheese to hold it’s shape. This recipe was inspired by a recipe from Mary Karlin’s […]

Fresh Queso Blanco Recipe – Homemade Cheese Made Easy

montasio cheese wheels aging
I’ve always been interested in how plain old milk is turned into cheese. And I’ve wondered, what exactly is done differently to make two distinct cheeses like Mozzarella and Blue cheese? There are several steps in the cheese-making process; what is done during each has an impact on the final […]

How is Cheese Made? – The 6 Step Process

orange aged cheddar cheese
Milk is white. Cheese comes from milk. Cheese should be white, right? So why is cheddar cheese orange? There are several theories out there and every cheese expert has his or her favorite. In all of these theories though, the underlying reason is it was/is a way to sell more […]

Why is Cheddar Cheese Orange? – The Real Reason