Unfiltered Thoughts

The riches are in the niches. At least they are nowadays. You can create a successful website/blog/community on just about any topic you can think of. It is insane how easy it is (relatively) to build your own business compared to 10 years ago. We are so damn lucky. We […]

Spoiled. And Niching Down

I have constantly been asking myself lately, “So you’re making a website about food, but there’s a million other websites about food, what makes mine special?” And I’ll be honest, I’m having trouble answering it. I heard a quote today about new businesses that I really love, “Be first, or […]

I’m Unique, or Am I?

It can be very hard at times to keep myself motivated. I’m living by myself right now and I’m the only person keeping me from quitting. Some days I’ll wake up and be super pumped to pump out a couple posts and make a couple recipes and other days I’ll […]

Motivation and “Loving” What You Do

I want somewhere to record my thoughts on starting this website. What goes into it, what I want to post about, site design, how much money I’m losing or making, just a place for my unfiltered thoughts. I know I like to see the development and the process of things […]

In the Beginning