Montamoré Cheese Review – Cheese a Week #10

montamore cheese in package

After scanning through the gourmet cheese section at the local grocery store, a cheese called Montamoré caught my eye. “Like a new romance, this sweet, creamy, and fruity cheese finishes with a playful bite. Prepare to fall in love.” Man they can write some alluring descriptions on cheese packaging.

Montamoré cheese is made by Sartori, a company located centrally in Plymouth, Wisconsin. Sartori cheese was started in 1939 and is fourth-generation family owned and operated.


Like BellaVitano, Montamoré cheese is a Sartori original cheese. It is said to be a Parmesan-like cow’s milk cheese with a name inspired by the Dolomite Mountains in Italy.

I’m curious to see how it will differ from BellaVitano. The description sounds eerily similar to the taste of BellaVitano.


montamore cheese sliced

Montamoré has a sweet and buttery, almost cookie dough-like smell that reminds me why I love cheese so much. It has an opaque, pasta-like color and a flat shine to it.

It’s decadently sweet and buttery with just a little tang to it, like a tart apple would have. I would really have to compare this side by side with BellaVitano to notice the differences, but I definitely think Montamoré cheese has more tartness which I really like.

Similar to BellaVitano, you can taste the slight crunch of the occasional calcium crystal which adds an awesome contrast to the semi-soft, creamy but dry (if that makes any sense) texture.

I’m a fan of Montamoré, that is for sure.


This baked broccoli breakfast frittata is the perfect way to use Montamoré cheese.

Pairs Well With

Because Montamoré cheese is sweet and tart, foods and drinks that taste similar would go well with it.

Food – Chocolate, green olives

Wine – Chardonnay, pinot noir

Beer – IPA, bock

Sartori Trivia

Joe Sartori, the son of the founder of Sartori Cheese, co-founded Sargento.

Next week I’ll be trying Boursin cheese, a soft, spreadable French cheese!

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