Motivation and “Loving” What You Do

It can be very hard at times to keep myself motivated. I’m living by myself right now and I’m the only person keeping me from quitting. Some days I’ll wake up and be super pumped to pump out a couple posts and make a couple recipes and other days I’ll have no desire.

I wonder if this is a total brain chemistry thing. Like, does everyone have days where they just don’t want to do the thing they love? I hope so. Or does it mean I just don’t love this “project” as much as I should?

With my fishing website, my excitement for the website and topic waned over the year and half that I was working on it. I really hope the same thing doesn’t happen here.

When I was working for the Air Force, a good friend of mine told me “You just need to make yourself love what you do.” I’ve thought about this idea quite a bit since I left the Air Force. Is it possible to dedicate yourself to a topic or job completely, even if you don’t really love it at first? Can you learn to love a job/career/project? I think so. Our brains are so much more capable than we make them out to be.

I mean, we can go from loving a food to having an aversion to it for the rest of our lives just because we happened to get the flu after eating it one time. I think our brains of capable of doing the opposite to. It’s the power of association and allowing yourself to believe what you are doing is actually awesome. It’s the power of positivity and not always looking at the negative side of things.

So could I have loved my Air Force job and wanted to stay in it? Could you learn to love what you are doing now instead of always looking for the next best thing? Sure. But that doesn’t mean you should.

There’s a fine line between being a pessimist and really not liking what you do. I think you have to look at more analytically than emotionally. Ask yourself, do you like your job more than half the time? If so, then maybe there is something there that is worth staying in it for. If not, get out.

When I ask myself this question about this website, the answer is a resounding hell yes! I mean all it takes for me to get motivated is watching an episode of Ask Gary Vee and I’m back!

In the end, all that matters is persistence. If you quit everything after it gets hard or after you lost motivation, you will never achieve anything great. Patience and persistence, my friends. Patience and persistence.

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