montamore cheese feature pic
After scanning through the gourmet cheese section at the local grocery store, a cheese called Montamoré caught my eye. “Like a new romance, this sweet, creamy, and fruity cheese finishes with a playful bite. Prepare to fall in love.” Man they can write some alluring descriptions on cheese packaging. Montamoré […]

Montamoré Cheese Review – Cheese a Week #10

dubliner cheese feature photo
Origins Dubliner cheese? Never heard of it. All the more reason to try! The packaging says “aged cheese with a distinctive taste and a natural hint of sweetness.” I’m pretty excited about the distinct taste part. This Dubliner cheese is made from grass-fed cows milk and distributed by Kerrygold, an […]

Dubliner Cheese Review – Cheese a Week #9

juusto cheese feature picture
Origins Juusto cheese (pronounced hoosto) is Finnish bread cheese, also called juustoleipä, leipäjuusto, or ostbrod cheese. It is actually baked when it is made which gives the top and bottom a nice caramelized brown color. Originally it was made with reindeer’s milk but now is commonly made with cow’s milk. […]

Juusto Cheese Review – Cheese a Week #8

specialty salts - pink Himalayan
Salt is an incredible mineral. It has been used for ages to extend the life of food. Salt-preserved foods enabled explorers to venture further into new lands. It is also an essential nutrient for human life. Salt helps regulate blood pressure, water distribution, nutrients to cells, nerve transmission, and muscle […]

Regular Salts vs. Specialty Salts – A Guide to Flavors and ...

This week I’m trying Emmentaler cheese, also sometimes called Emmental cheese or Emmenthal cheese. I got this one from Pick ‘n Save. Yup, that’s right. This particular Pick ‘n Save has quite a nice selection of artisan cheeses. I guess that’s kind of expected at grocery stores here in Wisconsin […]

Emmental Cheese Review – Cheese a Week #7

pickled fermented jalapenos feature
Jalapeños are such a delicious and versatile food. They have just the right amount of spice and flavor and can take any dish to the next level. These pickled fermented jalapeños obtain their marvelous flavor through lactic acid fermentation, a process that converts the sugars in the jalapeños to lactic acid. […]

Pickled Fermented Jalapeños – Tangy, Spicy, and Slightly Crunchy

benedictine cheese review - cheese a week #6
Benedictine! That’s the cheese I’m tasting this week. I have no idea what it is and why it has an exclamation point after it. But, it sounds like its got enthusiasm and I like enthusiastic foods. This is another cheese I bought from the famous Brennan’s Market in Brookfield, WI. […]

Benedictine Cheese Review – Cheese a Week #6

This week I’m trying a cheese I never heard of. It’s butterkäse, which literally means “butter cheese” in German. If you want to be fancy you can pronounce it like a German and say “bootakayza.” But, like most other foreign words I know, I’m going to slaughter it and pronounce […]

Butterkäse Cheese Review – Cheese a Week #5

fontina cheese sliced up - featured image
Ok nothing too far off the beaten path this week again…Don’t worry I promise I’ll get into some cheeses you’ve never heard of soon. This week, though, I’m trying a Fontina cheese also made by Weyauwega Star Dairy. This is the same producer as the Baby Swiss I had in […]

Fontina Cheese Review – Cheese a Week #4

are pickles fermented? not these
From when I ate my first pickle up until now, I thought pickles were fermented. Turns out, only some are. Most store-bought, big-brand pickles are not fermented. Instead, these cucumbers are just marinated and stored in a vinegar (and spices) brine. This method of pickling is called fresh-pack. These types […]

Are Pickles Fermented? – The Answer May Surprise You

homemade sauerkraut 2 weeks fermented
Homemade sauerkraut! I’ve always loved sauerkraut and this homemade sauerkraut hits the spot. This sauerkraut is tangy, crunchy, and CHEAP to make. Ingredients Small head cabbage, about 2.5 lbs. Pick one that seems heavy for its size. 1 tablespoon pickling salt Equipment Quart-sized glass mason jar and lid (better if […]

Homemade Sauerkraut – 2 Ingredients and Minimal Effort