Food Science

specialty salts - pink Himalayan
Salt is an incredible mineral. It has been used for ages to extend the life of food. Salt-preserved foods enabled explorers to venture further into new lands. It is also an essential nutrient for human life. Salt helps regulate blood pressure, water distribution, nutrients to cells, nerve transmission, and muscle […]

Regular Salts vs. Specialty Salts – A Guide to Flavors and ...

are pickles fermented? not these
From when I ate my first pickle up until now, I thought pickles were fermented. Turns out, only some are. Most store-bought, big-brand pickles are not fermented. Instead, these cucumbers are just marinated and stored in a vinegar (and spices) brine. This method of pickling is called fresh-pack. These types […]

Are Pickles Fermented? – The Answer May Surprise You

montasio cheese wheels aging
I’ve always been interested in how plain old milk is turned into cheese. And I’ve wondered, what exactly is done differently to make two distinct cheeses like Mozzarella and Blue cheese? There are several steps in the cheese-making process; what is done during each has an impact on the final […]

How is Cheese Made? – The 6 Step Process

orange aged cheddar cheese
Milk is white. Cheese comes from milk. Cheese should be white, right? So why is cheddar cheese orange? There are several theories out there and every cheese expert has his or her favorite. In all of these theories though, the underlying reason is it was/is a way to sell more […]

Why is Cheddar Cheese Orange? – The Real Reason